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Who are we?

Badeco Adria JSC Sarajevo is a legal successor of Fabrika duhana Sarajevo JSC Sarajevo which was established in 1880 as one of the first four industrial enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more than 138 years it has been standing for one of the most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and when it comes to tobacco business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region it is certainly one of the most significant companies.

Generations of our employees and many outstanding individuals have been giving their efforts to the development and the success of our company which makes us proud of our long history.

The business restructuring and the change of the name Fabrika duhana Sarajevo JSC Sarajevo into Badeco Adria JSC Sarajevo happened in 2018.

At present Badeco Adria JSC Sarajevo is composed of several business strategic units whose fields of work are in tobacco, food and financial domain.

Our goal is to coordinate successfully their operations, management and development and, by way of the investments and the promotion of new business projects, to facilitate the growth and farther commercial progress of our company.

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Badeco Adria JSC Sarajevo  is an issuer at the official quotation of Sarajevo Stock Exchange (www.sase.ba) under the label of FDSSR.

Our shares are in the open market and you are welcome to invest in them and we will attempt to justify the confidence you entrust upon us by enhancing the company's value.

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Our members

The major part of our business was based on production of tobacco products which represented our main line of business. Following the market trends and situation we managed to ensure the sustainability and the success of our company through such long history. Successful business in the tobacco sector has created the conditions for strategic investment in other business segments, all in order to diversify our business. Below you can meet our members.