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About us


Creation and sale of top quality products and services resulting from a combination of tradition, experience, knowledge and innovations, aspiring to professional excellence, social accountability, up-most business results and sustainable development both of the organisation and all the concerned parties.

To be a leading regional production and services holding, a distinctive, innovative but also respected and accountable in each segment of its work.



Tradition – a company founded on the basis of hundreds of years of experience in production and services in Bosnia and Herzegovina combined with the expert, capable and reliable management.

Knowledge – accumulated knowledge and continuous searching for new knowledge are the basic pillars of our years-long growth, development and survival.

Excellence and quality  – only the best in what they do can endure in a dynamic global economy on the long run.

Innovation and constant improvement – the best in what they do cannot endure without new ideas and markets. A change is the only constant trait of the modern economy.

Accountability and integrity  – economic success fuels growth and development of our society but only if the success is achieved in an accountable manner with preservation of the organisation's and each individual's integrity it will have a permanent value.